Asus teases a new smartphone for CES that can ‘see what others can’t’

The back of the new ZenFone. Photo: Asus

The back of the new ZenFone. Photo: Asus

Asus is bringing its latest ZenFone┬áto CES 2015, and it is promising some innovative new camera technology that can “see what others can’t see.” The device makes a brief appearance in two short video clips Asus has already posted to Facebook, but we’ll have to wait until next month for its full reveal.

The first clip, which is just ten seconds long, gives us a clear look at two sensors on the back of the new device — both of which sit just beneath the camera — that will presumably deliver more impressive photos taken in low light. If you pause at just the right time, you’ll get a good look at the back of the device, which kind of resembles the LG G3 — only instead of buttons, it has sensors.

The second video, which is one minute long, shows us “the origin of craftsmanship that is embodied in the next Zen.” We see a montage of molten metal flowing into the new device, which appears to have a brushed metal back, and a polished metal bezel around its front edge.

We’ll have to wait until CES to see what the new ZenFone┬áhas in store for us, but that’s just a few weeks away now. I don’t know about you, but this could be the only ZenFone so far that I’m really looking forward to seeing.