Monument Valley’s final level pack isn’t coming to Android

Monument Valley fans will have to make do with what they have on Android. Screenshot: Ustwo

Monument Valley fans will have to make do with what they have on Android. Screenshot: Ustwo

Monument Valley, 2014’s prettiest and most enjoyable puzzle game on mobile, recently got a whole bunch of new levels on iOS as part of Apple’s massive Project (RED) campaign. But unfortunately for players on Android, they won’t be able to enjoy the title’s final chapter without switching platforms.

“Ida’s (RED) Dream was specially created for @RED in partnership with @AppStore to fight AIDS,” Monument Valley developer Ustwo explained on Twitter. “Therefore there are no Android plans right now.”

Monument Valley has enjoyed great success since making its mobile debut way back in April, receiving rave reviews, numerous awards, recognition from Apple, and lots of players. However, the vast majority of those players are using iOS devices, which means Android just isn’t a priority for Ustwo right now.

“It’s hard for us to prioritise Android when there’s nine times more iOS players,” Ustwo said in response to one fan. “We seek parity but often it’s difficult.”

This is a great shame for Monument Valley players on Android who are itching for more levels, but if there simply aren’t enough players on Google’s platform to warrant the time and resources it would take to port the new level pack over, it’s hard to criticize a game studio for trying to avoid losses.

There may be other factors behind its decision, too. One tweet published by Ustwo suggests that the final level pack it designed for iOS may have been a platform exclusive.

“It’s not down to us I’m afraid, our hands are tied,” the company said. “Hopefully we can do something else in the future though.”

Maybe there will be more for Monument Valley fans on Android in the future, then — but for now, we’ll have to make do. Ustwo has been creating other content for Android, however; if you’re an Android Wear user, you may have noticed that the company has already released two watch face packs that use Google’s new watch face API.