Alleged Galaxy S6 prototype gets pictured with super slim bezels [Update]

Samsung's next Galaxy could be much sleeker than this. Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s next Galaxy could be much sleeker than this. Photo: Samsung

With a possible Galaxy S6 unveiling less than two months away, you can expect to start seeing a few leaks — and this one could well be one of the most revealing. It allegedly shows a prototype Galaxy S6 with super slim bezels down the side of its display, and a much-improved earpiece and front-facing camera layout.

Before you get too excited, however, we’re not completely convinced.

“According to an anonymous tipster who has approached us today via email, here it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S6,” reports Dutch blog (machine translated), while highlighting the stickers that suggest this is a prototype device, and its various design improvements over this year’s Galaxy S5.

Could this really be the Galaxy S6? Photo: Toptienmobiel

Could this really be the Galaxy S6? Photo: Toptienmobiel

If this image is indeed genuine, then, it seems a metallic frame won’t be the only improvement Samsung makes to the Galaxy S6’s design. The device could also get thinner bezels, which would allow Samsung to either make it more compact, or add a bigger display without increasing the size of the device too much.

But here’s the thing: We don’t think this particular image is genuine. There’s something about it that seems… fishy. The way the light falls on the display — particularly in the bottom right corner, and the way in which the hand overlaps the right side of the device just doesn’t quite look right to me. I think this is a rather unconvincing Photoshop job.

I’m also convinced that the earpiece and front-facing camera layout have been copied and pasted from a picture of an iPhone. And where’s the proximity sensor, which traditionally sticks out like a sore thumb on a white device?

Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps the blurriness of the image just makes parts of it look modified. But I wouldn’t read too much into this one if I were you. says we can expect to see the Galaxy S6 in March or April next year, but Samsung usually announces its latest Galaxy S handset right before Mobile World Congress, which is held in February.

UPDATE: Just as we suspected, this image is a fake, according to the ever-reliable sources for SamMobile.