Nexus 9’s official Keyboard Folio is now $42 off on Amazon

The Nexus 9's official Keyboard Folio. Photo: Google

The Nexus 9’s official Keyboard Folio. Photo: Google

While Google’s official Keyboard Folio is undoubtedly an excellent add-on for Nexus 9 owners looking to get stuff done on the go, many have criticized its $129.99 price tag and decided to look for third-party alternatives. But already, the device is seeing some big reductions. Right now, you can pick one up from for just $87.94 — that’s $42.05 off.

The Keyboard Folio is designed specifically for the Nexus 9, which means it provides an excellent fit, and a keyboard layout that works nicely alongside Android 5.0 Lollipop. It snaps onto Google’s latest tablet magnetically, connects via Bluetooth 4.0, and has two different viewing angles.

Right now, it’s probably the best keyboard add-on you can buy for the Nexus 9 — though the device hasn’t been out all that long and decent alternatives will be on the way. But it’s definitely not cheap. Thanks to Amazon, however, you can now get $42.05 off its regular price tag and free Prime shipping.

As you might expect, the Keyboard Folio is currently out of stock — it didn’t stick around long once the reduction was made. But you can order now for $87.94 and Amazon will send you one as soon as they’re back in stock.

If you’ve already purchased the Keyboard Folio from Amazon at its higher price, you can contact the retailer to get a refund for the difference, Android Police reports. You may also find stores throughout the U.S. that will match Amazon’s price. Don’t expect the same reduction through the Play Store anytime soon, though.