Galaxy S5’s Android 5.0 Lollipop update is rolling out now

Android 5.0 running on the Galaxy S5. Video: SamMobile

Android 5.0 running on the Galaxy S5. Video: SamMobile

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 has become the latest third-party smartphone to get an Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade. Handsets with the SM-G900F model number — which are typically sold in Europe — are getting the new software first, and it brings a whole host of new features alongside significant performance improvements.

Right now, Lollipop is rolling out to Galaxy S5 users in Poland, SamMobile reports, which is where Samsung’s latest software updates often land first. We don’t have release dates for other European markets or the U.S. just yet, but providing all goes well with this one, we would expect to see a wider rollout before the holidays.

All of the Lollipop improvements and features you would expect are baked into Samsung’s software, including things like lock screen notifications, better multitasking, SmartLock, and MirrorLink. Material Design is also here, and even though it’s not as pure thanks to Samsung’s own TouchWiz user interface, you will notice its influence throughout the OS.

Samsung has also made changes to its fingerprint scanner, SamMobile says, making it more reliable than ever before. Lollipop’s performance improvements are also said to have had a big impact on the Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy Note 4 is the next Samsung smartphone expected to get a Lollipop upgrade, according to information leaked by French carrier SFR earlier this week. Owners shouldn’t expect to see that release until next month, however.