Bling, bling! You can now get your Moto 360 in gold

The gold Moto 360 with an 18mm strap. Photo: Motorola

The gold Moto 360 with an 18mm strap. Photo: Motorola

Motorola’s incredibly popular Moto 360 smartwatch is now available in gold with a slightly narrower 18mm strap — but you’ll have to pay a small premiumĀ for it.

While the other Moto 360 options with metal straps are priced at $299.99 — $50 more than those with leather straps — the gold model is $30 extra at $329.99. Other than its rather fancy paint job, however, the device is identical to all the other Moto 360 variants internally.

Those who aren’t interested in gold, but do like the idea of a slightly narrower strap can also get the silver Moto 360 with an 18mm band. It’s priced at $299.99 just like the 23mm option, but it could be a better fit for those with daintier wrists.

Motorola has promised that all of its Moto 360 straps will be available separately at some point, with the leather options priced at $29.99, and the metal options priced at $79.99. But almost three months after the wearable first went on sale in the U.S., users are still waiting for them to go on sale through Motorola’s online store.

You can use third-party bands with the Moto 360, of course, but Motorola discourages it by claiming that some metallic options could interfere with the device’s internal radios and antennas. Many users have found, however, that they tend to have no impact on the Moto 360’s operation whatsoever — and of course, they’re much cheaper.