Lollipop delayed again for HTC’s Google Play Edition smartphones

Lollipop is coming to HTC's Google Play Edition handsets. Photo: HTC

Lollipop is coming to HTC’s Google Play Edition handsets… at some point. Photo: HTC

HTC’s Lollipop updates for the Google Play Edition One M8 and One M7 has been delayed again. The software was initially scheduled to land early this week, then the release was pushed back to today — but HTC is still awaiting Google’s approval.

Mo Versi, Vice President of Product Management at HTC, has been providing status updates on Twitter for those with Google Play Edition devices awaiting a Lollipop upgrade. He got people all excited late last week when he teased that Android 5.0 would be landing early this week, but only bad news has followed since.

On Tuesday, Versi tweeted again to say that Lollipop had been delayed slightly and was expected to land today instead, but after being asked by users why it wasn’t rolling out now, Versi said, “Google requested one more SW spin. Will advise once we receive approval.”

Versi hasn’t given another release date — he likely wants to avoid further disappointment — but if HTC is only waiting on approval from Google, it shouldn’t be too long before the software finally filters through to users. You won’t have it by the weekend, unfortunately, but you will still get it before the vast majority of Android users.