Sprint has already slashed $50 off the Nexus 6

Nexus 6 is already cheaper on Sprint. Photo: Google

Nexus 6 is already cheaper on Sprint. Photo: Google

Sprint has slashed Nexus 6 prices by $50 less than a week after it began offering the handset online and in retail stores. But don’t worry if you’ve already bought yours, because you’re going to get a refund for the difference.

Sprint is now charging $249.99 for Google’s latest smartphone (with 32GB of storage) when you take out a two-year contract, down from the original $299.99. The full cost of the phone has also been reduced to $648, making it $1 cheaper through Sprint than buying direct from Google Play.

Customers who purchase the Nexus 6 on an Easy Pay plan will also pay less. Sprint was originally charging $29 a month over 24 months, but that fee has been reduced to $27 a month.

The new pricing puts Sprint’s Nexus 6 on par with that of its rivals, meaning existing customers will no longer have to look elsewhere to get a cheaper deal. And if you’re already bought your Nexus 6 through Sprint, the carrier’s going to be giving you some money back.

Those who purchased the device between November 14 and November 18 will soon receive a $50 refund. A leaked document obtained by Android Police says the refund will be made in the form of credit on your phone bill, but Sprint does note that the reimbursement method “is currently under review,” and therefore it could change.