Sony’s Xperia Z3 gets its first Lollipop ROM


The Xperia Z3 finally has a Lollipop ROM. Image: Sony

Sony’s been notoriously slow at rolling out the latest Android updates in previous years, and although the Japanese company has been making efforts to change that and has already promised Android 5.0 updates for its flagships, users will likely still be waiting for some time yet. Fortunately, third-party Lollipop ROMs are already available.

Although Sony hasn’t begun rolling out its Lollipop software yet, the company has published a device tree, updated blobs, and a unified kernel, which can be used to build stock Android ROMs for its devices. Armed with those things, XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor “krabappel2548” has built and published the Xperia Z3’s first Lollipop ROM.

Before you get too excited, however, you should know that this software is still in the very early stages of development, so it delivers a far from flawless user experience. While things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, sound, sensors, and touch input are all working, the cameras, mobile data, and GPS are not.

“I’m working on fixing bugs and making this rom a daily driver,” krabappel2548 says, but adds “this might take some time.”

If you’re using your Xperia Z3 as your primary smartphone, then, steer clear of this particular build for now. However, if you have a secondary Xperia Z3 that you don’t rely on, go ahead and see what it’s like with Lollipop onboard. You’ll find the firmware you need along with installation instructions in the original XDA thread.