YouTube delivers the music streaming service you’ve been waiting for

Music Key could be the best music streaming service yet. Photo: YouTube

Music Key could be the best music streaming service yet. Photo: YouTube

The YouTube music streaming service you’ve been hearing about for months is finally here. It’s called YouTube Music Key, and it lets subscribers stream and save high-quality music and music videos on the web and on Android and iOS devices. For now, however, you’ll need an invite to use it.

Music Key will officially officially rollout on Monday, at which point you’ll be able to access it via your web browser, or through an updated YouTube app for Android (the iOS version is coming “soon”). The service will be available via a new “Music” section, where you’ll find mixes and custom playlists, and recommended tracks and albums.

You’ll also be able to search for the songs, albums, and artists you wish to listen to, and save content locally for listening offline. YouTube will also present you with albums and artist discographies in a way in which it never has before, making it easy to find all of the content from your favorite artists.

Music Key will offer unlimited listening just like rival services like Spotify and Rdio, and it will be available in two familiar forms: You can either pay $10 a month to enjoy it all ad-free, or you can use it for free and sit through an ad every now and again.

A Music Key subscription will also give you access to Google Play Music, Google’s more traditional music streaming service — previously called Play Music All Access — which lets you stream million of songs through the Play Music app. Combining the two services gives customers already using a rival service a great reason to make the switch.

When Music Key goes live on Monday, it will initially be a beta, and you’ll need an invite to access it. Those who already subscribe to Play Music will automatically get an invite to try it out (so sign up now if you want to try Music Key early), but Google will be issuing others randomly to those who already use YouTube frequently to enjoy music.

Those who do get to try the service early will get six months of free access, following by the option to sign up for just $7.99 a month.

Music Key will initially be available in the U.S., the U.K., Finland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.