Playing PlayStation classics on an Android Wear watch

Croc on your watch. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Croc on your watch. Screenshot: Cult of Android

At this point we already know that Android Wear watches will run regular Android apps with a bit of simple side-loading — and we’ve already seen devices like the Samsung Gear Live running Game Boy emulators, games like Minecraftand even Windows 95. In case you’re wondering how Android Wear watches might handle your favorite PlayStation 1 games, check out the video below.

The two-minute clip from YouTuber “EpicLPer” showcases the classic PlayStation game Croc running inside ePSXe, a PSOne emulator for Android. It plays pretty flawlessly on the LG G Watch’s quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, but the experience is definitely impaired by the tiny on-screen controls.

It is possible to connect a Bluetooth controller to your Android Wear watch — as we saw in the Game Boy video mentioned above — so theoretically you could improve the experience that way. But we’re still not sure why anyone would want to.

If you have a fairly decent smartphone, you’re going to get a much better gaming experience out of that than you are your smartwatch’s tiny display. Having said that, it is pretty neat to see what these little devices we wear on our wrists are capable of when you play around with them.