Get your head around Lollipop with Google’s free Quick Start Guide

Available now from Play Books. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Available now from Play Books. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Lollipop is the biggest Android upgrade we’ve seen in years. Not only does it add new features, but it also makes some significant changes to existing ones, and introduces a very attractive Material Design makeover. It’s is so significant, in fact, that it may take a bit of getting used to.

Google’s hoping to make that process easy with a free Quick Start Guide that’s available to download now from the Play Store.

Google has published Quick Start Guides for bigger Android upgrades in the past, including the last one — Android 4.4 Jelly Bean. But given how many changes are made in Android 5.0 — and the excitement that currently surrounds it — we have a feeling this one will be by far the most popular.

The 62-page release covers almost all of Android’s basic features, such as how to send text messages and make phone calls, using the status bar and Quick Settings, and organizing home screens. It also covers a number of Google’s built-in apps, including Gmail, Google Play, Camera, and Hangouts.

In addition, the guide briefly touches upon the Android Auto, Android TV, and Android Wear platforms, and how they work alongside your Android 5.0 smartphone.

If you’re switching to Android to get your hands on Lollipop, or you just want to familiarize yourself with the new features and old ones you may not have used before, Google’s Quick Start Guide is a great place to start — and it won’t cost you a penny. You can download your copy now from Play Books.