Good luck getting a Nexus 6 at retail this week

The Nexus 6 won't be any easier to get hold of for a while. Image: Google

The Nexus 6 won’t be any easier to get hold of for a while. Image: Google

The Nexus 6 has been available to order through Google Play for over two weeks now, but getting hold of one has been incredibly difficult. Google appears to have very little inventory, and when new stock comes in, it sells out within minutes. It should come as no surprise, then, that retail supplies are going to be seriously constrained, too.

According to a leaked T-Mobile memo obtained by Android Policeonly a select few stores will be getting Nexus 6 handsets for its retail launch on November 12. What’s more, the locations that are chosen to receive inventory will get very little, and many customers will have to order the device and have it shipped directly to their home instead.

What’s unclear is whether T-Mobile’s shipments will arrive any faster than those from Google or Motorola; customers won’t be given a delivery date until they actually buy the device.

Image: Android Police

Image: Android Police

To rub salt into the wound, T-Mobile stores across the U.S. will receive 1,800 Nexus 6 handsets on November 11 that will be used as demonstration units. You’ll be able to pop into your local store and play with the device all you want, then, it’s just highly unlikely you’ll be able to walk out with your own.

This does mean, however, that if you’re still unsure whether or not the Nexus 6 is going to be too big for you, you can go and try one before handing over any cash. And if you decide you love it, at least the wait for delivery will be a worthwhile one.

Nexus 6 retail supplies aren’t expected to be any better for AT&T, Sprint, or U.S. Cellular, which will all begin selling the device in store in the coming weeks. Google has said, however, that it will be adding new stock to the Play Store every Wednesday, so if you can get your order in quickly, you could be lucky enough to bag one.