Galaxy Note 4 apps and features brought to Note 2 with custom ROM


The Galaxy Note 2 won’t get all of the Note 4’s features from Samsung. Photo: Samsung

It’s highly unlikely Samsung will bring the Galaxy Note 4’s awesome new features to older Note handsets — especially not one as old as the Note 2. But it doesn’t have to, because the handset still has strong support from third-party developers, who have taken it upon themselves to bring a long list of Note 4 apps and features to the two-year-old phablet.

With the custom Ditto Note 4 ROM, which was developed by recognized XDA Developers contributor Arsaw, Note 2 users not only get Samsung’s latest S Pen features like Air Command and Action Memo, but the latest Note apps as well. The ROM contains the newest versions of S Finder, S Planner, Story Album, and lots more.

Ditto Note also contains Samsung’s latest media players, Ultra Power Saving Mode, the ability to resize app windows, and the Note 4’s launcher. It’s by far the best custom ROM you’re going to get for the Note 2 right now (assuming you’re a fan of TouchWiz). Here’s the complete list of Ditto Note’s “main” features:

Ditto Note 4 main features

  • Note 4 Air Command (new features)
  • Note 4 S Note with Action Memo
  • Note 4 Smart Select
  • Note 4 Image Clip
  • Note 4 Scrapbook
  • Note 4 S Finder
  • Note 4 Quick Connect
  • Note 4 Multiwindow
  • Note 4 Recent Apps
  • Note 4 Direct Pen Input
  • Note 4 Side Key Panel
  • Note 4 Resize Windows from corners (new Pen Window)
  • Note 4 Power Saving Mode
  • Note 4 Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • Note 4 Settings and UI
  • Galaxy Note 4 Launcher and Accuweather
  • Galaxy Note 4 Contacts app
  • Galaxy Note 4 Phone app with N4 feature incoming call popup notification, resize window during calls feature and call recording feature
  • Galaxy Note Messaging app with N4 feature SMS pop-up notificaton
  • Galaxy Note 4 lockscreen with charging effects and new lockscreen effects (only Abstract Mozaic don’t work)
  • Galaxy Note 4 Music Player
  • Galaxy Note 4 Video Player
  • Galaxy Note 4 Internet Browser
  • Galaxy Note 4 Gallery with SStudio
  • Galaxy Note 4 S Voice with new pop-up features
  • Galaxy Note 4 S Planner, Email, Keyboard, Clock, My Files, Calculator
  • Galaxy Note 4 Story Album
  • Galaxy Note 4 Photo Note
  • Possible to use the same app in both multiwindows

Pretty awesome, right? And here’s a glimpse at them in action:

Ditto Note isn’t without its bugs, but those that Arsaw is aware of are all minor. You’ll find the Radio FM app doesn’t have sound, there can be issues with audio playback over Bluetooth, and the “Abstract Tile” lock screen effect causes crashes. So long as you can live without those three things, you’re good to go.

Installing Ditto Note is just like installing any other custom ROM; simply download the ZIP and flash it with a custom recovery. However, you may need to update your bootloader. For full installation instructions and links to the Ditto Note ZIP, just follow the source link below.