Yes, the Nexus 6 will work on Verizon

Nexus 6 will work on Verizon. Image: Google

Nexus 6 will work on Verizon. Image: Google

When Verizon mysteriously disappeared from a list of carriers supported by the Nexus 6 on Google Play, some consumers were worried that the device would no longer be available on Big Red. But according to those who have already received the device, it works just fine on Verizon right out of the box.

“Before doing anything else with the phone, I popped out the SIM tray and tossed in my Verizon nano SIM,” reports Kellex of Droid-Life. “I then walked through the setup for the first time, watched as the device activated cell service, saw the LTE icon appear, and then completed setup.”

Kellex was able to browse the web using LTE and make calls just fine.

It seems there’s no problem using a Nexus 6 purchased from Google Play on Verizon, then. The carrier’s disappearance from the compatible networks page was likely just an error that Google’s probably already fixing, so don’t worry about having to switch carriers just to get Google’s latest and greatest smartphone.