doubleTwist Player Gains Support For Google Music, AirPlay And More

Developers of the popular stock Android music player alternative doubleTwist, have today released a welcomed update for the app. If you use Google Music to buy and store music, you’ll want to grab this update, as version 1.7.3 of doubleTwist adds support for offline tracks. Along with support for Google Music, doubleTwist for Android has also been given a few more nice updates:

  • Improved method for downloading alternate album artwork.
  • Fixed AirPlay support for recent Apple TV update.
  • Search is now more easily accessible.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.
  • Reduced size of app.

If you’re a user of the Apple TV, you can now stream music from doubleTwist over AirPlay, which will play the music out loud on the Apple TV. This adds a nice way to share music with company, but what we’d really like is a way to AirPlay video from Android.

Perhaps most importantly, the overall flow of doubleTwist has also been updated. The app is now smaller in file size and has been given a few bug fixes. You can also search easier for music, from within the app.

doubleTwist has been a favorite for not only its smooth appearance, but also its desktop app that allows for easy syncing. Now with the ability to play songs from Google Music, it’s sure to be a hot app.

The updated doubleTwist is now availble on the Google Play Store.