LG G Watch R will go on sale in the U.K. tomorrow

Brits can finally buy the G Watch R tomorrow. Photo: LG

Brits can finally buy the G Watch R tomorrow. Photo: LG

The G Watch R, LG’s awesome new Android Wear watch, will go on sale in the U.K. tomorrow, priced at £224.99. In addition to be immeasurably more beautiful than the original G Watch, the device boasts a heart rate monitor, a better display, and a slightly bigger battery.

This is LG’s response to the Moto 360, which, despite launching months after the first G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, continues to get more attention than rival Android Wear watches — and rightly so. But while the G Watch R might not be quite as pretty as Motorola’s device, it’s still a looker with that stainless steel chassis, and it has some advantages.

Unlike the Moto 360, the G Watch R has a truly round display — hence the tagline “smart comes full circle” — there is no black bar along the bottom of its screen. It also promises better battery life.

We’ve been waiting for the G Watch R to go on sale since it was unveiled at IFA back in September, but only those in LG’s native South Korea have been able to pick one up so far. That’ll change tomorrow when the device goes on sale in the U.K. through Clove.co.uk, priced at £249.99.

We’re also expecting the U.S. to get the G Watch R very soon, and when it does, you can expect it to cost around $249.