LG’s gorgeous G Watch R could finally go on sale next week

You may be able to buy your G Watch R next week. Photo: LG

You may be able to buy your G Watch R next week. Photo: LG

LG is expected to finally launch its second Android Wear watch next week. Two separate sources in South Korean claim the G Watch R will make its debut there on Monday, October 13 — almost two months after it was announced at IFA 2014 in Berlin — but just one retailer will be selling the device for the first week.

LG has already had one slice of the Android Wear pie, but with Motorola’s supremely more beautiful Moto 360 getting all of the attention, the company has followed up its original G Watch with the G Watch R, a round device with a metal chassis and a calf skin leather strap. It looks terrific, but no one can get their hands on it yet because LG still hasn’t launched it.

That’s set to change next Monday, according to ETNews and ZDNet Koreawho claim the device will make its debut there, exclusively through just one retailer for the first seven days. It’s still not clear how much the G Watch R will cost yet, or when it will be available in Europe or North America, but we’re hoping LG will be making those things clear next week.

The G Watch R could become the first Android Wear device that gives the Moto 360 some tough competition in the design department, and if it can beat it to Europe and other markets (the Moto 360 is still a U.S. exclusive for now) then it could have a huge advantage. Of course, that will all depend on how much it costs.