Check out Android L (with TouchWiz) running on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Android L running on the Galaxy S5. Video: SamMobile

Android L running on the Galaxy S5. Video: SamMobile

Recent rumors have claimed that Samsung will be one of the first smartphone makers to bring Android L to its flagship devices following its public launch later this fall, and those claims have been bolstered by a new video that shows Google’s next-generation Android platform running on the Galaxy S5.

The 8-minute clip, published by SamMobile, gives us an extensive look at Android L for Samsung smartphones weeks (months?) before it makes its way into the hands of users.

Thanks to Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, the software doesn’t look a whole lot different at first glance, but there are plenty of changes and improvements baked in. Samsung has even brought a Material Design feel to some its built-in apps, such as the Phone, Messages, Memo, and Clock.

You’ll also notice its Android L-style interactive notifications and multitasking view.

This particular Android L build is running on a “SM-G900F” Galaxy S5 — the model made for Europe. SamMobile says it was planning to make the software available for flashing, but after using it for two days, they say it’s not suitable for every day use because “it contains a plethora of bugs and is slow as a turtle.”

For more screenshots of Android L on the Galaxy S5, check out SamMobile’s preview via the source link below.