OnePlus promises new smartphone for 2015

A new One will be coming next year. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

A new One will be coming next year. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

OnePlus has confirmed that it will launch its second-generation One handset during the second or third quarter of 2015. The Chinese company has also revealed that it is thinking about making a smaller device for those who prefer their smartphones to be a little more pocketable.

The original OnePlus One has been out for five months now, but thanks to the dreaded invite system, not everyone who wants one has been able to get their hands on it yet. If you’re worried that you might wait ages to get one only for it to be replaced by a new model, then, fear no more.

OnePlus confirmed to fans during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread that it is planning a second-generation One, but the handset won’t be launched until at least the second quarter of 2015 — possibly even the third quarter.

Now, given OnePlus’s spotty track record regarding release dates, we wouldn’t be too surprised if we’re made to wait even longer. But whatever the case may be, we can be almost certain that a new One won’t be arriving before the second quarter of next year. There could just be a smaller model before then, however.

“We’ve seen a lot of people asking for a smaller device, and want to let everyone know that we hear you,” OnePlus said. “We’re thinking about it.”

OnePlus also confirmed that it was looking into other product categories — such as tablets and smartwatches — but it did not confirm exactly what those categories might be. For those lucky enough to have already gotten a One, you can expect to see another over-the-air update “anytime now,” and the long-awaited voice activation feature will be coming in a future release.