Nexus 9 still expected in mid-October with Android L to follow

Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

HTC’s new Nexus 9 will make its debut in mid-October, according to yet another report citing two separate sources familiar with Google’s plans. The device will launch with Google’s new Android L update pre-installed, while other Nexus devices are expected to get the release in early November.

“Thanks to two different sources familiar with Google’s plans, we have learned that the HTC Nexus 9 will be unveiled on either October 15th or the 16th,” Android Authority reports.

October 16 is a date we’ve heard from previous Nexus 9 rumors. Last week, MoDaCo founder Paul O’Brien published some tweets citing an anonymous source who claimed that the new device would be announced on that date. O’Brien then clarified that this is when Google’s announcement is expected to take place — not when the Nexus 9 will actually go on sale.

Android Authority also reports that there could be a new smartphone at the same event — possibly the Moto Nexus we’ve been hearing so much about recently — and the unveiling of “a new software initiative.” This is thought to be a program that will encourage third-party manufacturers like Samsung and HTC to rollout Android L updates faster.

Android L itself is expected to arrive a little later than the Nexus 9 — on November 1, according to the sources. This could be the same date the Nexus 9 actually goes on sale.

It certainly seems as though Android L and new Nexus hardware isn’t far away now. With speculation in full swing and different sources reporting the same dates for the launch event, it’s all beginning to get very exciting indeed.