HTC is still making a smartwatch, and it’s coming next year

Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

HTC is still hard at work developing its first smartwatch, according to “people familiar with the matter,” and you’ll be able to buy it early next year.

A recent report claimed that the Taiwanese company had scrapped plans to build a wearable due to the rising costs of components and increasing competition from a growing number of Android Wear devices. But to the delight of HTC fans everywhere, it appears those claims were false.

“The Taiwanese smartphone maker is still working on a smartwatch and plans to release it in early 2015, according to people familiar with the matter,” CNET reports. What’s more, it’s expected to be a device that “further stands out from the crowd” with a unique design and unique features.

As you’ve probably already heard, Apple announced its first smartwatch earlier this week alongside the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Its design is unlike anything we’ve seen from other wearable makers so far, and while it may not be as pretty as the Moto 360, it’s by far the most elegant with a square design.

But as HTC has demonstrated with handsets like the One M8, it’s capable of great design, too. You can expect its watch to be as pretty — if not prettier — than any of the wearables we’ve seen so far, then. In addition, CNET expects its good looks to be accompanied by features that “consumers will more immediately gravitate toward.”

By the time HTC’s smartwatch hits the market, it’ll have some tough competition. The Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R are right around the corner — as are Android Wear watches from Asus and Sony — and Apple Watch also goes on sale early next year. Will you be able to hold onto your cash until HTC adds its wearable to the mix?