Sony teases new Compact tablet ahead of IFA

There's definitely a tablet in there. Screenshot: YouTube.

There’s definitely a tablet in there. Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

We know Sony has a number of new smartphones — and possibly a new SmartWatch — up its sleeves for IFA next week, but could the Japanese electronics giant be preparing to launch a new tablet, too? Its latest teaser certainly suggests so, and unlike other Xperia slates, this one looks much more… Compact.

We saw signs that Sony may be bringing an ”Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact” to IFA just this week after a product page for the device briefly appeared on Sony’s website. The name has also appeared in a Sony accessory manual in the past — and a new teaser from Sony all but confirms it will get its official unveiling next week.

The image above, which briefly appears towards the the end of Sony’s IFA teaser video below, indicates at least three new devices will be presented during the event — two of which look to be smartphones, while the other is much bigger.

The video also hints at water-resistance — a feature that’s now familiar to Sony’s Xperia lineup — while the runner who says “keeps going” could hint at a focus on battery life.

Sony’s event takes place on Wednesday, September 3, and Cult of Android will be bringing you all of its announcements as they break.