A Behind The Scenes Look At The Samsung Galaxy Note Quality Assurance Team [Humor]

Ever wonder who exactly Samsung hired to test out the Galaxy Note before shipping it out to retailers across the globe? It was no easy task finding a quality assurance team that measured up to the pure magnitude of the Galaxy Note, but after interviewing nearly a dozen teams, Samsung went with lead QA Engineer Peter the elephant and his expert team of mixed mammals.

Once hired, Peter had the task of putting the Galaxy Note through a variety of one trunk tests, proving that there was no task too large, or too small that this peculiar phablet couldn’t perform. Peter’s team decided the Galaxy Note had the perfect form factor and Samsung later agreed. Peter was paid peanuts compared to the millions Samsung eventually dropped on Super Bowl advertisements, but in the end, it was peanuts that Peter wanted. Peter has said he will never forget that palette of perfection and how it properly fit his proboscis.

The Galaxy Note has since become a hit among overly sized appendages and to celebrate its success, Peter takes us back to the early stages of testing and shares with us the memories he and his team created.