Seesmic For Android Goes Pro, Combines Views From Multiple Accounts Into One Timeline

Seesmic announced today the addition of a premium Pro version for Android. The Pro version will cost $2.99 and unlock a new set of features which the free version does not include. Atop of that, the free version now has ads, making the Pro version even more appealing. The newest versions of the apps include newly added features such as:

Free Version

  • Viewing from Instagram and Twitter within your timeline
  • Ability to upload images directly to Twitter
  • Removed support for Chatter
  • Implemented ad-support
  • Various bugs fixes and minor improvements

Pro Version

  • Same features as the free version
  • Combine views from multiple accounts into one timeline
  • Removes the ads

The Pro version acts as a key and must remain installed in addition to the free app. I’ve also heard reports of the Pro version not playing nice with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) but I’m sure Seesmic will take care of that as soon as possible.

Seesmic has long been a favorite of users looking to combine both their Twitter and Facebook feeds into a single timeline and looks to keep those users happy with this latest update. If you’d like more information about the changes or would like to download the new Seesmic, follow the links below.

Google Play Store Link | Free | Pro