You will soon be able to start your Tesla with your smartphone


Tesla Model S owners will soon be able to use an iPhone or Android-powered smartphone to start their car when they’ve forgotten their keyfob. The new feature will be introduced with an update to Tesla’s in-car operating system that’s currently in beta testing ahead of its public rollout.

“The new Calendar app also requires use of a new Tesla Mobile App (currently available for iPhone only)—which also has new notifications functionality and the ability to start your car (in case you forget your keyfob),” the release notes read. They also confirm an Android version of the app will be available “in a few weeks.”

It’s not completely clear how this feature will be implemented yet, but according to 9to5Mac — which obtained the screenshot below — there is speculation that suggests it will utilize Touch ID on the iPhone, essentially allowing you to start your car by scanning your fingerprint.


On Android, it’s likely to be a virtual button or passcode instead, with only a small number of Android handsets shipping with fingerprint scanners.

It’s thought that version 6.0 of the Tesla operating system could be rolled out this fall to coincide with the public release of iOS 8. It will also bring an enhanced navigation system that boasts real-time traffic information, and new Calendar app, new power management option, and perhaps the best feature yet: the ability to name your car.