LG G3 gets a one-click root solution for all U.S. carriers


It’s now easier than ever to root your LG G3, thanks to a new one-click root solution called Stump Root. The hack supports all G3 handsets on U.S. carriers and some international ones as well — including the Sprint model, which, until now, had no root solution at all.

With Stump Root, rooting your G3 is as simple as downloading and installing an APK file, and then opening an app and tapping a button. It takes no time at all, and providing everything goes well, you won’t even lose any data. Before you rush off to download that APK, however, let’s go over some things.

As is often the case with hacks of this nature, there’s a small possibility something could go wrong — and that your shiny G3 could be turned into a brick that’s really no good for anything but weighing down paper. It should be safe, but neither Stump Root’s creators nor Cult of Android accept any responsibility if anything happens to your device.

You should also bear in mind that rooting will void your warranty, and as always, be sure to backup your data before attempting anything like this. Although it shouldn’t wipe anything, it doesn’t hurt to have all your data saved somewhere else just in case you need to restore it.

If you want to try Stump Root out for yourself, you’ll find the necessary APK file as well as step-by-step instructions in the XDA Developers thread linked below. It is confirmed to work on all U.S. carriers, and it should work on international ones as well — though they haven’t been tested.