Sony SmartWatch 3 to deliver Wi-Fi but no Android Wear


Sony’s third-generation SmartWatch will be announced at IFA 2014 in Berlin next month, according to a new report, and it will bring with it an improved display with a higher pixel density and built-in Wi-Fi. It will also have revamped software, sources claim, but Sony will not be adopting Google’s new Android Wear platform.

The claim comes from a thread on Digi-Wo, a Chinese forum with an impressive track record when it comes to Sony rumors, according to G for Games. It suggests the SmartWatch 3 will be a lot like its predecessor, with the same square design and a lot of the same features — but with some important improvements in places.

The SmartWatch design isn’t completely terrible — many would say it’s much more attractive than rivals like the Samsung Gear Live or the LG G Watch — so it seems Sony is happy to stick with a similar look that’s just as good at coping with water and dust. But the new model is also expected to have wireless charging and built-in Wi-Fi.

Its own Wi-Fi module means the SmartWatch 3 wouldn’t need to be connected to your smartphone. Theoretically, you’ll be able to use apps and receive notifications remotely, but it’s unclear what kind of impact a Wi-Fi connection might have on a device of this size.

Sony will also add a sharper display with the same anti-glare glass, the rumor claims, and it will overhaul its SmartWatch operating system. There aren’t any details on what the new software might bring at this point, but we do know it will need to compete with Android Wear, because Sony is steering clear of Google’s platform.

SmartWatch fans will want to keep an eye on Sony’s announcements at IFA next month, where the new device will likely make its debut. Take this information with a pinch of salt for now, however.