LG G Watch software update promises to fix charging pin corrosion


Can you fix hardware problems with a software update? LG certainly thinks so. The company is currently rolling out a patch for the G Watch that promises to eliminate charging pin corrosion. It comes amid mounting complaints from disgruntled users whose watches have literally been wasting away on their wrists.

Many G Watch adopters have been reporting that the charging pins on the back of their device were damaged within a week of normal use. It’s thought sweat is the main culprit — though LG has suggested that skin allergies are more likely to blame.

For some users, the corrosion simply caused the charging pins to change color, and a quick clean was necessary to get them working. But for others, their connectors have been damaged so badly that they are no longer able to charge their devices at all.

That shouldn’t be a worry for future G Watch users, however, thanks to a software update that’s available now. But how exactly does software fix what is obviously a hardware issue?

It seems the cause of the corrosion, according to LG, is a small current that passes through the G Watch’s charging pins while it’s in use. Combined with sweaty skin, a chemical reaction is produced that causes the connectors to quickly corrode while the device is being worn.

The new patch disables that current to prevent the chemical reaction from taking place. Once installed, it should mean that the G Watch’s connectors are completely inactive until the device is placed in its charging dock, preventing further damage or avoiding it altogether for future users.

If you’re already a G Watch owner, you should install this update as quickly as possible — ideally before you wear the device again. And if your device already has corroded pins that are causing problems during charging, LG advises you to contact your nearest service center for assistance.