Movie streaming app Popcorn Time now supports Chromecast


Popcorn Time, the video streaming app that’s been described as Netflix for torrents, now supports Chromecast on Android. With the app’s latest beta release, you can cast thousands of movies and TV shows wirelessly to your television over your home Wi-Fi network.

If you’re unfamiliar with Popcorn Time, let’s change that right now. It’s a service, kind of like Netflix, that’s powered by torrents and incredibly easy to use. Instead of downloading movies and TV shows to your device like a traditional BitTorrent client would, it streams them — so you can begin watching titles almost instantly.

Due to its use of torrents, and the fact that it lets you watch movies and TV shows completely free, there’s an ongoing debate surrounding the legality of Popcorn Time. It was pulled shortly after its release after when its original creators began receiving legal threats, but new owners later brought it back and it remains fully-functional.

The new owners also made Popcorn Time available on Android, and this week a new beta build was released that adds Chromecast streaming. Not only can you watch almost any movie or TV show instantly over the Internet, then, you can now enjoy them on your big screen TV, too.

If you don’t already have Popcorn Time for Android, you can download it via the source link below. It’s also available on Mac, PC, and Linux.