No, Verizon didn’t make the LG G3’s battery non-removable


Don’t worry, would-be LG G3 owners; Verizon did not make the handset’s battery non-removable as many previously feared. A spokesman for Big Red published an image on Twitter that confirms users can indeed get into the back of LG’s latest flagship and replace its battery as and when required.

Verizon is famous for persuading handset manufacturers to make modifications to their devices so that they’re somewhat different to counterparts sold by rival carriers. Usually those changes come in the form of a new name and a nasty Verizon logo, but many feared the company would take its modifications a step further for the much-anticipated LG G3.

When Verizon first announced it would be stocking the device, a specifications sheet on its website stated that the G3 would ship with a “non-removable” battery. Most assumed it was just an error, but others became worried that the carrier would sell a modified version of the G3 that did not offer this freedom.

Of course, preventing customers from removing the G3’s battery makes no sense whatsoever, so this week’s tweet from Verizon spokesman Albert Aydin, which includes an image confirming the G3’s removable battery, comes as no surprise to most.

Verizon has already begun taking pre-orders for the G3, which costs $99.99 on a two-year contract. The handset’s release date on Big Red is this Thursday, July 17. You can now orders yours, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to remove its battery if you need this functionality.