LG G3 gets improved 4K and 1080p video recording with new mod


One of the highlights of the LG G3 is that its impressive 13-megapixel camera has the ability to record super sharp 4K video, but it’s somewhat spoiled by LG’s aggressive post-processing. As is often the case, however, third-party developers have devised a tweak that makes 4K video recording even better.

It also boosts 1080p recording from 30 frames-per-second to 60 frames-per-second — but you’ll need root access to install it.

LG’s own software is designed to enable 4K recording while keeping file sizes as small as possible, so the bitrate of 4K videos recorded on the G3 isn’t as good as it could be. While they’ll certainly look better than standard 1080p recordings, there’s plenty of room for improvement on 4K monitors and Ultra HD televisions.

But this camera mod, built by “Hendrickson,” a senior member of the XDA Developers forum, promises to fix that by increasing the 4K bitrate. And for those who don’t yet need 4K, the quality of 1080p recording has been increased to 60fps at 30Mbps, too.

Installation is simple, but you’ll need root access and the ability to modify some permissions. You’ll find the ZIP files required, along with step-by-step instructions, via the source link below. It takes a little bit of effort, but according to other G3 owners, it’s well worth it.