First LG G Watch custom ROM brings performance and battery life improvments


The LG G Watch has been on sale through Google Play for just two weeks, and already it has its first custom ROM. In addition to increasing the intensity of the watch’s vibration motor, the software brings welcome performance improvements and better battery life.

The ROM, codenamed “Gohma,” was built by RootzWiki forum member Jacob Day, and promises to deliver “Android Wear the way it should be” on the G Watch. You’ll need to unlock your device’s bootloader and enable USB debugging before you begin the installation process, but you won’t need root access.

The Gohma ROM brings better battery life, reduced lag when navigating between screens, and better overall performance. It also makes vibration more intense so you don’t miss those important notifications, and adds “other surprises.” It’s well worth the effort it takes to install it, then.

Moreover, Day promises an easy way to revert to stock for those who decide they don’t like Gohma, and over-the-air updates from Google will continue to work just fine — though you’ll need to flash Gohma again if you overwrite its changes with an official firmware release.

The Gohma firmware package is small — just 7.7MB! — because it only contains the code necessary to make the above changes. It isn’t an entirely new ROM that completely replaces your existing software, and Day insists that he never intends to make major changes to the G Watch’s stock software.

I have a lot of changes in mind for performance and usability,” he says, “but will be sticking with the general look and feel of Android Wear.”

Follow the source link below to download the Gohma ROM and find installation instructions.