Last year’s Google Play Edition devices no longer being sold by Google



Google has removed almost all of last year’s Google Play Edition devices from Google Play, including the Xperia Z Ultra, the HTC One M7, and the LG G Pad 8.3. The only 2013 devices that remain are the Moto G and the Samsung Galaxy S4, but the latter is currently out of stock and has been for some time.

All four devices have actually been out of stock on Google Play for several weeks, but so long as the listings remained, it seemed plausible that they would eventually be made available again. If you’re still interested in one of these devices, however, you’ll need to look at third-party retailers now.

The only Google Play Edition devices available today are the new One M8, the Moto G, and the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 is still listed as “out of inventory,” but given that its listing still stands after the others have disappeared, it’s possible Google may have more stock on the way.

It has been suggested that the removal of these devices from Google Play is a sign that the Google Play Edition lineup is winding down. However, with a GPE Galaxy S5 rumored to be coming any day now, it seems more likely that Google is simply replacing the older devices with newer ones.