Fenix returns to Google Play after tweeting is restored


Fenix, the best third-party Twitter client for Android, has returned to Google Play after regaining its ability to upload tweets. The app had to be pulled on Monday after Twitter randomly began blocking its ability to post new tweets, but the issue has finally been restored and Fenix has been republished.

I’ve written about Fenix a handful of times since its release; it’s my favorite Twitter client on mobile, thanks to its extensive feature set and beautifully good looks. It’s also a bargain at just $2.49. I was disappointed when Twitter suddenly began blocking the app’s ability to publish new tweets over the weekend, then.

According to developer Matteo Villa, the block had nothing to do with Twitter’s pesky token limit, but rather a strange filtering issue instead. “It seems that every tweet coming from Fenix is being flagged as spam by Twitter servers,” Villa told Cult of Android.

Twitter is yet to confirm this with Villa. In fact, he hasn’t heard anything at all from the social network — but Fenix did begin working properly again earlier today. “All of a sudden the app has started working again,” Villa told us. It’s now available to purchase again in Google Play.

This apparent filtering issue doesn’t appear to have affected any other third-party Twitter clients, so it’s unclear why only Fenix was blocked. We’re hoping it was simply a random issue that won’t be popping up again.