Android’s best Twitter client blocked from uploading tweets


Fenix, Android’s best third-party Twitter client, has been removed from Google Play after Twitter began blocking tweets uploaded from the app over the weekend. Developer Matteo Villa promises to republish Fenix as soon as the problem is resolved, but it’s currently unclear why Twitter has an issue with his app.

“Twitter has not contacted me yet,” Villa confirmed to Cult of Android this morning, a day after the network began blocking tweets posted from the Fenix app. It was first assumed that Fenix may have reached its Twitter token limit, but Villa insists that’s not the case.

“It seems that every tweet coming from Fenix is being flagged as spam by Twitter servers,” he said, “but I’m not quite sure why (nothing changed in the app in the last few days).”

Villa hopes that the issue is simply an error caused by Twitter’s automatic filtering system that can be resolved quickly, but as things stand, Fenix users cannot post tweets from the app. As a result, Villa has had no choice but to pull the app, which costs $2.49, from Google Play temporarily.

Fenix still works for existing users, it just cannot upload tweets, so you’ll still be able to browse your timeline, view direct messages, and access other features. As soon as Twitter responds to this problem and Fenix is fully functional again, Villa will republish it in Google Play.

Keep an eye on Fenix’s official Twitter page via the source link below for further developments.