CyanogenMod users get the Android L look with impressive new theme


CyanogenMod users can now enjoy a taste of Android L thanks to a stunning third-party theme pack that delivers new icons and overhauls the notification drawer, quick settings panel, Settings menu, and other built-in apps. It also brings new notifications sounds and more simplistic status bar icons.

CyanogenMod’s awesome theme engine, which allows you to quickly and easily apply icon packs, fonts, boot animations and other customizations to your Android device, is one of its best features. A theme pack like “L for CM11/PA” from Yackovsky demonstrates just how powerful and easy to use it really is.

The theme overhauls almost every element of your CyanogenMod or Paranoid Android operating system — not only with new icons and fonts, but with brand new designs for the Settings menu, phone dialer, notification and quick settings drawers, and keyboard.

It even brings pretty new sliders and popups; new sounds for ringtone, notification, and alarms; and new navigation bar icons. It’s arguably the closest you’ll get to Android L before the update’s public release this fall — unless you install Google’s actual preview builds meant only for developers.


And best of all, this theme pack is super cheap. In fact, there’s a free version and a paid version, and both are exactly the same. The former isn’t restricted in any way, and it isn’t ad supported; the paid version is there only to support the developer if you like this theme enough to do so.

I certainly do, and I think you will, too. You’ll need certain versions of CM and Paranoid Android to use this theme pack, however, so ensure you’ve updated to the latest releases before installing it. The 2014 CM theme engine is a must, so if your ROM version doesn’t support that, you’re out of luck.

If your ROM does support it, you can download “L for CM11/PA” via Google Play by following the link below.