Prepaid Cards Return To Google Wallet, Google Adds An Extra $5 For Your Troubles

After a security vulnerability within Google Wallet was discovered, Google decided to suspend the ability to add a Google prepaid card while they worked on patching things up. Google quickly fixed the issue but decided to hold off on returning the prepaid cards for a bit. I’m happy to announce that Google has finally returned the ability to add prepaid cards but you will have to update to the latest version of Google Wallet to get it. Once you update, you’ll be able to access Google’s prepaid card and any previously unused balance plus a little extra.

That’s right, being the plussers that they are, Google has added an additional $5 to the accounts of users inconvenienced by the whole fiasco. There’s nothing quite like getting some free cash to make the inconvenience of not being able to use the free cash you received for downloading a free app. Thanks Google!

Users who found themselves affected by Google’s recent actions have been receiving emails from Google explaining the situation. If you end up receiving the email you see below, odds are you’ll have an extra $5 waiting for you as soon as you’ve updated your Google Wallet app.

As you may have experienced over the last few weeks, we temporarily disabled the feature to add the Google Prepaid Card back to your wallet if you previously removed the card or reset your wallet. We temporarily disabled this feature to ensure the security of our Wallet customers. We recognize this may have been an inconvenience for you, and we did not make this decision lightly.
We are happy to announce that you can now add the Google Prepaid Card back to your wallet with the newest version of Google Wallet, and any funds that you previously had on the card should be restored, unless you contacted Money Network and asked for a refund of those funds. To add the Google Prepaid Card back, you will first need to update your Google Wallet application to the most recent version.
To compensate you for any inconvenience this may have caused, we have credited an additional $5 (five US dollars) to your Google Prepaid Card. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 855-492-5538.
Thank you for your continued support of Google Wallet, and we look forward to launching many new and exciting features for you to enjoy in the coming months.
The Google Wallet Team

Not much more to say. I only wish other companies were so apologetic and generous. I’d be a rich man if I received $5 for every time my cable company alone inconvenienced me.