XFINITY TV For Android Adds Ice Cream Sandwich Support In Latest Update

XFINITY TV for Android received a minor update today. By minor, I mean no new features have been added. However, those rocking Android 4.0 will see it as a major update considering it adds support for their precious Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Updating apps to support Android 4.0 hasn’t been that big of a priority for some developers and with such a low percentage of Android devices actually running it, I can see why. To be honest, no matter how slow developers are at updating their apps, it’s nothing compared to how slow OEM and carriers are at updating their devices!

As I already said, nothing new to add about the XFINITY TV app other than Ice Cream Sandwich support and a few bug fixes. The wait is now over, you can now download XFINITY TV for Android by following the Google Play Store link below. And no, you still can’t watch TV with the XFINITY TV app (ironic isn’t it).

Google Play Store Link | XFINITY TV