Are these leaked screenshots our first glimpse at Android 5.0 ‘L’?


We’re anticipating some major changes and improvements to Android at Google I/O tomorrow. Google finally looks set to announce its long-awaited Android 5.0 upgrade, which is likely to include some substantial design changes, and lots of new features. The screenshots above could give us our first glimpse at the new update that’s currently known as Android “L.”

The screenshots were first published on Reddit by “Doopl,” who found them within Google’s own Chromium issue tracker. “My assumption that they are from a new version of Android is based on the ‘L’ icon in the status bar and the redesigned dialog box,” Doopl writes.

Other noticeable changes in these screenshots is the removal of the gradient that currently appears in KitKat’s transparent status and navigation bars, and a slightly flatter look for Google Chrome. The silent icon that appears in the status bar alongside the Wi-Fi indicator has also changed.

We can’t be sure these are screenshots from Android 5.0, but given that they appeared in the Chromium issue tracker and feature an unreleased version of Google Chrome, it certainly seems likely. And with Google I/O right around the corner, it seems feasible that a new Android release is already in testing on certain devices.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hugely excited for Google I/O now.