Microsoft leaks its own Surface Mini in user manual


When Microsoft announced its Surface Pro 3 back in May, everyone expected a new Surface Mini tablet to accompany it. Although we didn’t get one, it seems the device was (still is?) definitely a part of Microsoft’s plans. The Surface Mini is mentioned numerous times in an official Surface Pro 3 user manual that was published online.

It’s thought that Microsoft axed plans to announce the Surface Mini just days before its May 20 event in New York City. It’s still unclear why that happened, or whether the device will be unveiled at a later date. But with no Surface RT part of Microsoft’s future plans, it seems feasible that the Surface Mini could take its place.

“You’ll pair your new pen with Surface Mini a little later during setup,” reads the Microsoft user manual, in reference to Surface Pen setup. The device is also mentioned in a section on using OneNote, and another on the rotation lock feature in Windows 8, The Verge reports. However, it seems the online manual has now been pulled.

If the Surface Mini does come to fruition, it will likely be powered by Windows 8 RT and carry a more affordable price tag that will enable Microsoft to compete with rival tablets like the iPad mini. The cheapest Surface Pro 3 is $799, while last year’s Surface 2 starts at $449. The latest iPad mini, on the other hand, starts at just $399.