Déjà vu: Apple and Samsung working together to end patent war


Like warring divorcees who are trying to make it work “for the kids” Apple and Samsung are reportedly attempting to find “common ground” that will let them end their ongoing legal battles.

The report comes from the Korea Times, which cites sources “familiar with the negotiations.” According to the newspaper, both sides are trying to be “more practical” about finding a solution, since Apple would ideally like to continue using Samsung as one of its main parts suppliers — possibly for the long-awaited iWatch.

“As technology shifts toward wearable devices, Apple still wants to keep Samsung as its top-tier parts sourcing channel,” one source said. Apparently fueling Apple’s interest is Samsung’s recent release of an OLED tablet, which is area Apple is particularly interested in.

While the news that Apple and Samsung could put aside their longstanding grudge match sounds promising, it’s also not the first time we’ve heard this story. In May this year, we reported that Samsung and Apple had resumed working-level discussions, with the goal being to dismiss all lawsuits and work out a royalty payment going forward for patents owned by both companies.

Just one day later, talks between the two sides broke down — with Apple’s lawyers reportedly taking issue at jibes from Samsung calling the protracted lawsuit “Apple’s Vietnam” and referring to Apple as a “jihadist.”

With the same thing happen here? Well, let’s wait and see. Fingers crossed for peace, though. It would be swell to see these two crazy kids make up!

Source: Korea Times