LG G Watch makes an appearance on the German Google Play Store

LG G Watch

It is all but known that Google is going to show off the LG G Watch at Google I/O next week with the device going on sale shortly after. According to some German-based Android sites though, it looks like Google will also be selling the G Watch via the Play Store.

According to the screenshots posted by Android Pit, Google had updated the German Play Store devices page with some information about the G Watch before pulling it down shortly afterwards.

Apart from the fact that the G Watch would be sold via the Play Store, the listing also mentioned that the device would have an always active display and a 400mAh sealed battery, which matches up perfectly with the previously leaked specs. The Play Store listing did not carry an actual image of the device itself though.


The LG G Watch is widely believed to be a reference device for the Android Wear platform so Google selling the watch directly via the Play Store certainly makes sense.

While the LG G Watch looks interesting, I am more interested in the Moto 360 since initial press adverts suggest that the device has a sleeker design than the former. Also, it would be interesting to see how long the LG G Watch lasts on a single charge especially with its always-on display.

What do you think about the LG G Watch? Are you eager to get your hands on one? Or will you wait for the Moto 360 before you jump on the smart watch bandwagon?