The LG G Watch Never Sleeps And It’s Water Resistant


LG’s upcoming G Watch will be one of a small few smartwatches that never goes to sleep, the Korean company has teased on its website. The device’s “always-on” display will allow users to view the time, weather, and incoming notifications without having to wake it up first.

Just like smartphones and tablets, most smartwatches go to sleep after a short period of inactivity to conserve battery power. That means you have to shake them or press a button to wake them up just to check on the time. But LG’s first Android Wear watch will be different.

G-Watch-always-onWith an always-on display, the G Watch will be a little more like a traditional wristwatch. Users will be able to see the time at all times with a quick glance. The device will also be listening for “Ok Google” commands — just like the Motorola Moto X.

It’s unclear at this point, however, what kind of impact that this will have on battery life, or how frequently the G Watch will need to be charged.

Getting good battery life out of a device so small has been a challenge for all smartwatch manufacturers; Samsung’s Galaxy Gears last just a few days in between charges, and they have displays that go to sleep after just ten seconds by default. If LG’s G Watch has to be charged daily, this will be seen as a major downside by most.

LG has also revealed on its website that the G Watch will be dust- and water-resistant, so users won’t have to worry about getting it dirty or wet — and there will be Stealth Black and Champaign Gold models to choose from at launch.