LG makes features the focus in new G Watch teaser


I couldn’t be more excited for the Android Wear platform, and indeed one of its first supporters, the G Watch from LG. Both of which look ready to revolutionize the smartwatch, which, until now, has been somewhat lacking and in dire need of improvement.

To remind us that the G Watch is well on its way, LG today released a new one-minute teaser trailer, which makes the wearable’s impressive feature-set its focus.

The G Watch aims to address several of the most comment complaints about today’s smartwatch. Not only will it be completely waterproof, but it will be compatible with all modern Android-powered smartphones. It will also have an always-on display — you won’t need to wake it up just to see the time — and LG promises that it’ll offer good battery life.

“Ready for anything, anytime with a single charge,” the teaser says, avoiding any specifics about how long exactly we can expect the battery to last in between charges.

The teaser video also gives us a better look at the G Watch’s metal body, and a sneak peek at its user interface, which we’ve already seen in other G Watch and Android Wear promotions.

What we don’t get from this video, however, are the juicy details we’re all eagerly awaiting — a release date and price tag. But with the G Watch expected to go on sale this summer, it shouldn’t be too long now before LG finally answers those questions.