OnePlus One pre-orders to start in Q3, but invites aren’t going anywhere


OnePlus today confirmed its rollout plans for the One going forward. The good news for those still looking to get their hands on the device is that the company will begin accepting pre-orders during the third quarter of 2014. The bad news is, you’re still going to need an elusive invite to get your hands on one before then.

Thanks to its flagship specifications and affordable price tag, the OnePlus One has been overwhelmingly popular. Over 91,000 people have signed up to the OnePlus forum, and the vast majority of them are still awaiting an invite to place an order. And many of those lucky enough to have received an invite already are still waiting for their device to ship.

The whole order process isn’t quite as terrific as the One itself, then — but OnePlus maintains it will get better. It’s just going to take a bit of time.

On an official announcement published today, OnePlus says it has been “actively collecting and discussing the feedback” that customers have had about the invite system. “We want to find a solution that can both allow us to reward early fans, as well as provide a pain free and time efficient way for busy people to buy our device.”

OnePlus believes the best solution is to launch the One in multiple stages.

Initially, the One will still require an invite. OnePlus believes this is the best way to ensure “consistency in product and service quality.” It also gives the company the opportunity to fix any issues that arrive as production of the device ramps up over the coming months, and makes it easier to control customer service and logistics.

Later on, once OnePlus is “on track to handle the demand,” it will switch to an invite and pre-order system. Those issued with an invite will be able to place an order immediately and they will receive their device relatively quickly; those who don’t will be able to place an order (and pay for it), and they’ll be given an estimated shipping date.

Our best estimation for the launch of this functionality is Q3,” OnePlus says, “but [we] are not able to make any guarantees at this moment.”

OnePlus is keen to point out that this process does not mean more delays. Those who have already gotten invites and ordered their One will receive their device this month. “This post is about what comes further down the line,” it said.

I’ve been following the OnePlus forums closely since the One was announced, and what was once a positive community is quickly turning into a frustrated one. Many have been waiting months for invites that are rolling out slowly, and they have no idea when they might be issued with one. Even those who have ordered devices are unhappy with how long they are taking to ship.

In contract, those who have already received their handsets are extremely pleased with them. The wait may be lengthy, then, but it seems well worth it.