Fitbit Makes Its Way To Android, Reminds Us That We Need To Eat Less And Exercise More

There seems to be a myriad of fitness options for those who live in the digital age. There’s wrist bands, watches, and of course apps. The latest app to hit the market Play Store comes to us from Fitbit. Fitbit has made quite a name for themselves with their common sense approach to fitness along with their inspiring products and services. The Fitbit app carries that philosophy to Android with it’s multitude of features and tracking options. With Fitbit for Android, users can:

  • Log food, water, workouts, and weight on the go
  • Find foods in our database or create custom entries
  • Access your favorite foods and meals
  • Check your stats for today and up to 2 weeks in the past
  • See your latest steps, calories burned, and floors data when your Fitbit Wireless Tracker* syncs with a base station
  • Whether you’re trying to achieve or maintain a weight goal, there’s a calorie intake plan for you
  • Choose a plan intensity that fits your lifestyle
  • Unlike other calorie apps, your calorie allowance adjusts based on your activity level
  • As a bonus, the app syncs up with your account on the Fitbit website so you can have an overall view of your stats and back up your data.

So if you like to keep track of your daily activities and calorie intake (minus that Boston creme doughnut), head over to the Google Play Store and download Fitbit for Android.

Google Play Store Link | Fitbit