Motorola will replace your custom Moto X if you crack the screen… but only once


A Moto X is an excellent purchase at just $349.99 off-contract — especially when you get the option to customize the device to your heart’s content. If you’re clumsy, it’s even greater value for money, because Motorola provides all Moto X owners with a free one-time replacement when they smash their display.

Motorola hasn’t advertised this service like HTC does, but one Reddit user found out about its policy the hard way. After having their Moto X for just two months, they dropped the device three feet onto concrete shattering its display. What could have been a costly repair, however, was actually a small insight into Motorola’s excellent customer service.

All this Reddit user had to do was fill out a form on Motorola’s website under the “Request a Repair” section and they were sent a redemption code for a brand new custom Moto X — free of charge. Motorola confirms its replacement policy on its support pages.

If you have a Moto X Customized Device, submit a Repair Request to receive a Service Redemption code and prepaid shipping label,” the page reads. “Use the Service Redemption code to design a replacement device at  The time-frame to receive your new customized device will display at the time the order is placed.”

All you have to do once you’ve received your new device is send the broken one back to Motorola using the prepaid shipping label provided. It’s that simple.

Yet another reason to buy a custom Moto X.