HTC Advantage Program Will Replace Cracked Displays For Free

HTC Advantage

As rumored over the past several days, HTC has finally confirmed its new HTC Advantage program in the U.S. This includes a lot of perks and bonuses for new customers of HTC flagships like the One, One mini, and the One max — including free repairs for cracked displays.

First and probably the most exciting perk of this program is the six-month free damage cover for cracked displays. Knowing full well that smartphones are prone to drops and falls on a daily basis, HTC has decided to bring this temporary insurance cover for new owners of its flagship smartphones.

HTC claims that it will take 8-10 days to ship the device back to the user, but if you don’t have a spare device with you, the company will give you a refurbished unit for just $29 with overnight shipping. This device has to be returned once you get your phone back from repairs, though.

It is also important to note that HTC will replace cracked displays just once during the six-month period.

HTC has also reassured customers of its two-year support for Android updates, which was also mentioned in the company’s recent Reddit AMAA. This basically means that any HTC flagship you buy henceforth will receive Android updates for up to two years.

Lastly, the Taiwanese manufacturer has announced free Google Drive storage of 50GB for owners of the HTC One max and 25GB each for HTC One and One mini owners.

While the Advantage program is limited to North America for now, HTC expects to bring it to global markets in the coming months.