HTC’s Future Flagships To Be Updated For 2 Years After Launch


HTC is known to drop software support for their flagship devices within 18 months of their release. Things have changed considerably with the release of the One but it takes more than just a single product to improve your brand’s image in the consumers eye.

In a bid to inspire more confidence on its products, HTC has announced on their Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that it will be providing software updates to all its future flagship devices for at least 2 years after their launch. 

Given the immense resource requirements for updates we can’t solve all our past issues, but today we are making a commitment to support all new flagship devices going forward with all major Android updates for 2 years after their release date.

Android OEMs are generally expected to provide software updates to flagship devices for at least 18 months after they are released. But HTC has decided to go one up on its competition, by offering software updates to its future flagship devices for an additional six months.

The company, however, does not make it clear whether this commitment includes its current flagship — the HTC One — or not. What it does make clear is that the commitment is only for its flagship products released in the United States and not the International models.

Either ways, if you do end up buying the HTC M8 on a two-year contract from your operator, be rest assured that you will be getting all major Android updates released during that timeframe as well.